Things I’ve Read 5/15-5/21

21 May

Crystal Renn is not plus size anymore and that’s OK.
But really we should stop pinning our fashion hope and identity on this woman. No one woman should ever be expected to be the image of any group of women. It’s unfair to the group of women and to the person. Besides, Renn certainly never represented my body.

Some Perspective on Swimsuit Season.
Are you ready for swimsuit season? I am not. But, it’s because I don’t have a bathing suit. Not because I still have some weight to lose before I let anyone see me.

A NSFW message from the Crunk Feminist Collective about sex.
A really good read. And good advice.

The Psychology Today article that had the entire internet angry.
A screen cap of Satoshi Kanazawa’s post that’s since been deleted from Psychology Today’s site and the google cache. And here is a really amazing response from Esoterica.

Roseanne Barr talks about the sexism, racism and classism in television.
And I love her for it.

Congressman Scott Walker is a douche.
I’m not sure what this has to do with jobs, or the fiscal security of Wisconsin, because we know that’s what he’s all about!

Advice for Teenage Feminists.
Really this is good advice for feminists of all ages.

Too Fat for Vaginal Health.

Too Fat for Public Service Announcements.
I needed another reason to dislike Glenn Beck.

Sex and Body Image.
I really can’t claim immunity to this. :/

Like Jane and Sassy but for us now that we’re older!!! WTF YES!!!!


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